Lasers in Dentistry

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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dental lasers are a medical technology that emits a beam of concentrated light. The laser behaves as a slashing weapon as used for medical and periodontal procedures. Dental laser treatments are minimally painful and superior to traditional surgery.

Lasers in dentistry make it easier to conduct certain operations with less disruption, less discomfort, reduced infection, shorter recovery times, and less appointments. 

In comparison to conventional approaches, lasers have several more benefits:

  • Reduced vibration and heat
  • Little anesthetic with no need for it
  • Minimal hemorrhage
  • Faster period for treatment
  • Increased levels of implant retention
  • Decreased risk to healthy tissues
  • Minimal swelling and pain post-operation
  • Less infections or problems following surgery

In dentistry, lasers have various features, including:

  • Gum Tissue Reshape
  • Biopsy or scraping tumors in soft tissue and ulcers
  • Increase in implant retention rates
  • Eliminating bacteria in the pockets of gum tissue
  • Tissues fuse
  • Perform frenectomy (such as ankyloglossia correction)

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